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Hello, My name is Janice Six.  I am the owner of the Happy Pets Academy of Grooming and Classic Pets Boarding and Grooming Salon.  I have been professionally grooming and handling dogs since the age of 16.   I have been teaching grooming for over 20 years.


We are located in the heart of Canton, Ohio, just 1/10th mile from the famous Canton Football Hall of Fame.  We are also just 10 minutes from the Akron-Canton Airport.  There are numerous hotels/motels in the area.


Happy Pets Academy of Grooming is located inside Classic Pets, Pet Boarding and Grooming Salon at 2556 Clearview Ave. N.W, Canton, Ohio 44718.  We are located on the corner of Fulton Dr and Clearview, near the Football Hall of Fame.   We have been in business in this location since 2000. We have had several locations previous to this.


We have over 3,300 square feet in our facility. The grooming room is a separate room. This affords a much quieter, less stressfull environment for grooming and teaching.  The kennel facility, bathing facility and drying rooms are also separate.


Happy Pets Academy of Grooming prepares students to be leaders in the grooming industry. Great opportunities are available in a rewarding career for those who enjoy working with animals. The growing pet grooming  industry is in

constant need of well-trained, qualified professionals.  This is one of the most exciting and rapidly growing careers in America today. 


Happy Pets Academy of Grooming is dedicated to teaching, training and the advancement of individuals concerned with the care, maintenance, and appearance of animals. To accomplish this, students are given training, with close supervision, while actually grooming pets at Classic Pets Grooming  Salon.


Class size is limited to ensure the individual attention each student requires. Programs are designed to proceed at the students pace.


Our goal is to educate and train students to be the finest groomers possible, to be competent and confident members of the pet grooming industry, and to uphold it's professionalism.


No previous experience is necessary for the Happy Pets Academy of Grooming school.  Applicants must have a genuine concern and affection for animals.  Professional pet grooming is a physically active profession.  To excell in this profession, a student needs to stay mentally focused, be able to stand all day, and have good dexterity with their hands and arms, and be able to lift up to 50 pounds with relative ease.  The school reserves the right to accept or decline an application for enrollment. 


The school will observe the following holidays:  Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, from Christmas Eve until January 2nd.



Students are expected to maintain and abide by all rules and regulations of the Happy Pets Academy of Grooming School.  They must conduct themselves in a manner that is not disruptive to school or salon business.  Disorderly or inappropriate conduct, which includes, but is not limited to, mishandling or mistreating of pets, abusive language, misuse of equipment, mistreatment of salon customers, use of alchohol or illegal substances, and other inappropriate behavior are cause for dismissal.  Violation of the grooming school rules or academic failure will also result in dismissal.

No smoking is allowed in Happy Pets Academy of Grooming or Salon.

Students are asked to wear pants and a smock or apron.  Nylon material is recommended as it repels dog hair and dries quickly.  Shoes must be worn, (recommend tennis shoes) no sandals or open toed shoes.  Students are expected to be as neat and clean as possible at all times.

As part of the training, each student will be responsible for the sanitation and cleanliness of all tubs, floors, cages, tables and equipment.  The student will also be required to handle specific needs of the pets, including watering, and outside breaks when needed.  Each student will be required to clean his/her work station.


Absences in excess of (3) days per course will be cause for dismissal unless the school receives justifying documentation.  Students may make up lost time and work with the permission of the director.

Unexcused tardiness over fifteen (15) minutes will be penalized.  Four (4) time tardy will constitute one (1) absence.  Arrangements for a leave of absence must be made with the academy director, with confirmation submitted in writing.  Medical leaves require a doctors statement.  Students will be allowed one leave of absence during the course of the program.


All students who complete the required course hours will receive a diploma.


All monies paid by the student will be refunded (except the application fee) if the student is not accepted by the Academy.  When notification of cancellation is given by the student, in writing, within 5 days of receiving application, but prior to the first day of class, the tuition shall be refunded to the student.  After 6 or more days after receiving application, but prior to first day of class, the Academy will retain the registration fee.

A student who starts the 2 week course and officially withdraws after the first day, will be obligated for 50% of the tuition, material fee, and maintanence fee.  After 3 days of class, the student will be obligated for 100% of all fees. A student who starts the 4 week course and officially withdraws after one week, will be obligated for 50% of the tuition, material fee and maintenance fee. At the 1st day of the 2 weeks start of class, the student will be obligated for 100% of the tuition, registration fee, material fee and maintenance fee.

Happy Pets Academy of Grooming is certified and registered in the State of Ohio Cert. No. 2399631